True Insight on Transformation of the Soul

08 Feb
“Knowing the truth with true spiritual light transforms
the soul because it puts out of your heart what God has
already put away from Himself through the cross. In His
light, what is dead to God becomes dead to you, and what
is alive to God becomes the only life that you know.
To illustrate, imagine that you are locked in a completely dark
room where you are constantly tormented by a fear of
crocodiles. You have obviously never seen a crocodile
because there is absolutely no light in the room, but you
have heard suspicious sounds and once or twice thought
you felt something brush up against your leg. Days, weeks,
perhaps months go by, but your fears will not subside. You
continually reason with yourself saying, “Don’t be silly,
why would there be a crocodile in this room?” Or, “If there
were really a crocodile in this room, it would have eaten
me by now. I’m sure I’m quite safe.” But all of the self-talk
and intellectual reasoning has little effect on your
emotions. Logical or not, you think what you think and
you feel what you feel. One day, however, as you are
curling up in a ball on the floor to escape an indistinct
crocodile-like noise, your hand happens upon a box of
matches. You frantically pull out a match, strike it on the
side of the box, and a flame lights for a second and then
goes out. For just one second you see the room in the dim
light of a single match, and a wave of joy and relief strikes
your heart. You couldn’t see clearly, or for very long, but in
that one flash of light there was definitely no crocodile in
sight. Still fearful, but now at last with hope, you reach for
the box and light another match. This one stays lit long
enough for you to discover a shelf on the wall filled with
candles which you excitedly light one by one. After only a
few minutes, all the candles are lit and the entire room is
flooded with light. It was true what you thought you saw in
that initial flash of light – there are absolutely no
crocodiles in the room and there apparently never have
been. After so many months of fear and trauma it takes a
while for your nerves to settle. But after sitting in the light
for some hours and examining every square inch of the
room, your emotions begin to calm, the fear fades away
and becomes meaningless, and your heart at last begins to
This analogy is helpful in a couple different ways.
First, it illustrates to some degree what seeing or knowing
the Lord feels like to the human heart. It is not an external
light, an angelic voice, or a prophetic vision. It is like a
new and foreign light that shines in our heart and brings
something real into view. That is what all light does – it
shows us what is real. Natural light has this immediate
effect on our natural senses. In a flash of natural light we
become conscious of our surroundings; we become aware
of what is there. Like a flash of lightning on a pitch black
night, suddenly the world around us comes into view.
Spiritual light does very much the same thing, but it shines
“in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory
of God in the face of Jesus Christ.”9 As the light of life
flashes in our soul, we are brought to an ever increasing
awareness of what is spiritually real. It’s not like a dream
or vision that uses symbols or words to represent spiritual
realities. There are no figures that need to be interpreted
or words that can be misunderstood. It is as simple as
seeing in the Lord’s light what is true in Him. It is like
waking up from a long adamic dream, rubbing our eyes,
and slowly recognizing what is real.
The second thing that this analogy illustrates well is
that the natural byproduct of seeing what is real in Christ is
a progressive liberty from all that is notreal. Just as the
light made it impossible to continue fearing a crocodile
that was not in the room, so too it becomes impossible for
us to feel, think, and hold onto the fruits of darkness that
have no place in Christ. Light shows us where we are, what
God has done in Christ, and all ideas and feelings contrary
to the truth begin to fade away and lose their meaning.”


-The above is quoted from “Not I, But Christ” by Jason Henderson, pages 290-292.  Full text can be found at   There are many more free teachings, including a fuller teaching on sanctification which I look forward to reading, at

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